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紅白葡萄酒任意兩支套裝 White + Red Wine Any 2 Bottles Combo

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Any 2 Bottles Combo - 葡萄酒任意兩支套裝
(750ml + 750ml)

Chile Santa Carolina - Cabernet Sauvignon
- 輕身順滑,果味木味,紅果為主,結構簡單,輕巧單寧,可即開即飲。
Plum, cherry and animal fur aromas are backed with herbal spice notes typical of Chile. High acidity and relatively low alcohol mean this Cabernet is a bit raw and rough on the palate. Spicy, lightly herbal red berry flavors thin out on a tannic finish.

France Chateau Beau Buisson Bordeaux AOC
- Bordeaux Blend/ AOC Classification
- 法國波爾多混合葡萄,厚身單寧柔滑,高酒精度,香味除了果味外還帶木桶氣。
Dark color tinged with young purple-blue tints. Ripe nose where red and black fruits take on oaky and mineral tones. The palate clearly shows mature aromatics of stone fruits and cherry flesh. It is robust and very tannic. 

Italy Atilius Nobilis Chianti DOCG - 輕身/ 意大利DOCG級別/ 果味十足
90% Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo
Chianti, situated in the region of Tuscany in central Italy, is home to probably the best-known of all Italian wine districts, closely associated with red wines based on the Sangiovese grape.

Chile Santa Carolina White
- 熱帶水果以及柑橘類水果味道,順滑,醒味跟甜味非常平衡,果味芳香,簡單輕巧,可即開即飲。
One of the wines from Central Valley - Chile that is popular with Wine-Searcher users. The popularity of this wine has increased considerably over the past year.
Balance of citrus fruits & tropical fruits, fresh aroma with balance of acidity and sweetness. Simple and aromatic. 

Spain Bayanegra semi sweet
- 酒體相對較重身有結構/ 熱帶果味/ 半甜,即開即飲。
Often typified by warm tropical fruit and a touch of oak. Aromas of ripe citrus, nectarine and passionfruit drive this style.