About Us

TREASURES WINE engages in international trading; wholesale and retailing of wines, spirits and high-end tableware imported from all over the world. 

We have established cooperative relationships with customers in the Asia-Pacific region, and through the establishment of cross-border e-commerce platform and professional management of the supply chain, we can provide customers with more high-quality choices and close connections.

TREASURES WINE has its own supply chain & logistics team to manage the warehouse and providing high quality level of logistics delivery. 

In addition to red wine, white wine and spirits, TREASURES WINE is dedicated to craft an amazing dining experience by offering series of exquisite tableware including red and white wine glasses, champagne glasses, spirits and cocktail glasses, Japanese sake cups & pots as well as tea sets.


For wholesale details, please contact us at info@treasureswine.com.

+852 62369281

Wechat ID: treasureswine

Hong Kong Food Trader Registration : TR-23-000438




Treasures Wine is one of the members of the "No Fakes Pledge Scheme" promoted by the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department.

All members of this program are required to obtain certification for genuine goods, ensuring that the products sold are genuine and not counterfeit or pirated, providing a guarantee of confidence.


The law prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18. Any customer ordering alcoholic beverages online must ensure that he/ she is 18 years old or above and has the right to legally purchase the above-mentioned goods. Customers must ensure that any ineligible persons are not allowed to use the customer's web login account to purchase alcoholic beverages.

If alcoholic beverages are included in the delivery, it must be collected by a person 18 years of age or older (with appropriate proof). If the above-mentioned persons are not present, the company has the right to take back the goods and will try to deliver them at another agreed time.