Premium Medium Glass Bowl Gift Set - 6PCS

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TOYO-SASAKI GLASS is the largest tableware glass manufacturer in Japan. Its product lines range from daily-use glassware to handmade glass and crystal products comparable to craftsmanship. Traditional craftsmanship combined with precision technology has become exquisite utensils And part of Japanese life culture.

All of its products are made in Japan and are famous for their purity and transparency without color cast. The most sophisticated design and uncompromising product quality are the reasons why their products are still popular in the market despite their high prices.

- About Products-

  • Produced by Japan's largest tableware glass factory
  • Imported from Japan
  • Japanese Fine Clear Technology

The "Liu Wu" series is a classic product of TOYO SASAKI.
The azure blue lines made with unique techniques,
Like flowing water dancing across the glass body, it is beautiful and brings a refreshing feeling;
With the exquisite and irregular concave-convex texture of the cup (bowl/plate),
Create a delicate texture like Japanese handicrafts,
Add a strong Japanese style feeling to your kitchen life.

Bowl×5 pcs: Diameter 134×H54 mm